About Us


Even before the opening of the first production in 2004, we began our business with wholesale purchases of souvenirs and artistic handmade ceramics from masters craftsmen. Almost for four years, we did only wholesale sales and participated in various thematic exhibitions and fairs of folk-crafts.


During this period of the coordinated work in our friendly, almost family collective, we attracted a lot of clients offering an excellent service in the acceptance and processing of orders, delivery of products in time, control of the quality, ability to complete a large and diverse assortment, open communication and rapid response to arising client’s questions.

We enough felt a problem of instability in the work of private craftsmen, their limitations in the amount of output, therefore, in 2008 we decided to open our own production with the involvement of only experienced and unique masters of ceramists.
Due to previously gained production experience in the understanding of the needful assortment of products that are in demand among our clients, we seek almost every year to renew and expand the assortment of products, to improve their appearance, maintaining the previous prices.
Understanding the importance of the timely production and delivery of products to our clients in time, we comply with the principle of maximum punctuality on our obligations to the customer.

  • In addition to the basic assortment of products, which you will see in our catalog, we perform individual, exclusive projects of products in accordance with the wishes of our clients.

It will be enough for us to get a sketch or photograph of the appearance of the desired product in order to fulfill it for you in the required appearance.

We hope that you will be interested in the products presented by us and make sure of its quality, diversity, and uniqueness!